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Hi, just want to give a shout-out to this article, with its simple and yet thorough descriptions! I clicked your article through Twitter where the person says your descriptions of Japan are quite similar to what’s happening in China.

I am from China and I have watched Chinese and the world economy for fun. Before the 2020s I knew Japan and China shared a lot of similarities regarding economic development but I held my belief that there were differences too so China would not end up like Japan with a huge bubble burst. But now after seeing what the Chinese government has done for the past three years, with or without its controllable factors, I am not so sure. Your article certainly gives me a clearer road map to follow if my government begins to do something stupid. :))

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Thank you for the article. I am looking for a book about Japan's long downturn. I read David Pilling's 'Bending Adversity' and found it to be excellent.

Your article made me think about something I had just read in the new book about GE (which is fantastic, by the way). Cohan quotes the head of GE Capital Real Estate who repeatedly urged the CEO, Jeff Immelt, to sell half the portfolio at what he was sure was the top of the US real estate bubble in 2007. He argued that GE would need the cash in a coming downturn... "Based on my experiences, cycles tend to be longer than most people think. The market stays at a high longer than most people expect it to. The market stays at a bottom longer than most people expect it to." Immelt, against the wishes of most at GE Capital, held on to the assets. The need for capital would be urgent the following year.

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Really well-done overview; thanks for your work on this Rei.

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