Carefully selected and throughly analyzed stocks from all the Japanese stock markets.

If you're thinking about investing in the Nintendo stock (TYO: 7974), you may be wondering whether now is a good time to do so. In this short analysis…
Is there something hidden behind Oricon's noble mission, impressive earnings growth and low P/E ratio? Or is this a hidden gem waiting to be discovered?
[Stock Update] Rakuten (TSE: 4755): Full Year 2022 Earnings ReportWatch now (2 min) | 4755 | Rakuten Group Feb 16 Full year 2022 earnings: Revenues exceed analysts expectations while EPS lags behind Full year 2022…
A comprehensive analysis by a badminton enthusiast on the prospects of Yonex's stock performance
Data analysis and news insights expose the hardest struggling Japanese Zombie Companies in the era of skyrocketing interest rates
Diving deep into Kaga Electronics: uncovering its historical track record, current stock price, and future growth potential
Rakuten Group has reported losses for two and a half years and its stock is down 84% since its ATH. Will it recover in the near future?
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