Oct 14, 2022 • 7M

[Podcast] Nintendo Just Released A Super Mario Movie Trailer to Compete Head-to-Head with Disney

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Rei Saito
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Nintendo recently released a much-anticipated trailer for its new Super Mario movie (click HERE to watch it).

I wrote a stock-analysis on Nintendo where I argued that the company has a massive potential to create a much needed new revenue stream:

Nintendo: Should You Buy the Stock Today?
Listen now (16 min) | Everyone who has read my newsletter know that I have a weak spot for Nintendo. In fact, I made a video and article (HERE) on why I think the company is undervalued over the long-term…
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Today, almost 90% of Nintendo’s revenue comes from its video games and consoles. This puts the company at risk of being too reliant on one revenue stream. On top of that, even though the video game industry is growing rapidly, it is a relatively niche part of the entertainment industry as a whole.

I believe that the leadership of Nintendo is aspiring to break out of the gaming industry…